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to Think about Things.

Are you sick of the noise? Does most of it seem like a bunch of BS over which you can barely hear the faint realities of being a real human being?

Do you wish there was a space to think and feel? A space where ideas can live?

Me too. So I make that space.

I work on brave, honest, full sensory writing.

I want to make space to explode dogma, empower decisions, skill up or re-skill and explore all kinds of complex issues in a way that spurs new thinking.

Join me. Weekly emails dive into everyday musings of different forms, from divergent topics like eating, parenting, history, relationships, cooking, life and death, community, science, mental health, work, policy, philosophy, poetry...the vastness of human experience. And probably some stuff I haven't realized yet.

A space of potential. The only agreement to be.

Come as You Are...

Real and messy and alive.

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